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About Us

What makes us different? (click for video)  You have been to the big box gyms.  The floor was cluttered with more machines than you knew there were muscles in the body.  There were a couple of big guys getting “their swoll on”, but most of the people there were just like you.  A little lost, looking for guidance;  not really knowing where to start or what to do.  So you try to remember back to PT / Gym class, or you follow the routine of some one who looks like they might have a clue.  Maybe you bring that health magazine that you have been saving to try the “killer abs in three weeks” article.  Finally, you buckle down and schedule a class with a fitness trainer only to realize he is right out of high school or college.  Maybe he/she is your own age, but the training session leaves you wondering what you paid for, and it wasn’t cheap.

Clint Hull Owner Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Clint Hull
Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Katie Hull Owner

Katie Hull

At Alternative Athletics (as the name implies) we are different.  There are no machines to confuse you.  Whatever your take on science and religion, there were no exercise machines when monkeys fell from the trees or Adam was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  Our bodies are not genetically designed to isolate muscles or even muscle groups.  It doesn’t matter if you are throwing a fastball, carrying a victim from a fire or placing a box on a high self, everyday actions require our muscle to move in sync with one another.  These multi joint movements, that create functional fitness for daily life, do not require pec decks and pulleys.  They require moving your body, moving weight in your environment, and getting your heart rate burning.  The gym is simple and filled with things that you might not have seen before, but instinctively make sense when you grab a hold.  They make sense because they allow you to move in ways that your body was designed to move at the most basic level.  Gymnastic rings, Parallettes, Pull up bars, Kettle bells, Plyo Boxes, and Olympic free weights make up the base of equipment in the gym.  Don’t let these names or images scare you, most members consider this to be adult recess.

You won’t get lost.  Alternative Athletics requires you to know what you are doing and how you are going to do it.  Before you schedule a class or sign up for a membership our trainers walk you through some basic movements that make up most workouts.  We work with you until you are ready, and when you decide to workout on your own, you will have a plan and a sense of direction.  At any point, feel free to schedule a tune up one-on-one session to make sure that your technique is correct and even learn something new!


We play our music loud.  Earbuds and earphones are a safely hazard to you and those around you.  We crank up a good mix of fast, hard workout tunes.  You might hear some music you’ve never heard before, but chances are that you will come to love the adrenaline pumping beats.

Speaking of children (even though we weren’t).  There is no formal day care at Alternative Athletics, but during your class or personal training session, well behaved kids are welcome in the kids corner.  The open floor format allows you to keep tabs on your little ones while you work out.

There is no fighting for space and equipment at Alternative Athletics.  You have all been there.  The month of New Year’s resolutions is crowded at every gym.  You can’t get to the equipment you need and you wait for hours to get your “cardio” time in.  Here we keep the numbers small.   If you ever find yourself waiting for a piece of equipment, let us know and we will buy another one.  And during the summer months when the weather is great in the Big Sky State,  move your workout outside.  However, we appreciate it if you bring the equipment back when you are done.  Run distances of ¼, ½, and 1 mile are set up from the garage door, so you can run them in mid work out without slowing down.

We use chalk, get loud and drop weights.  For the lifters out there, I know this brings a smile to your face.  For everyone else, here is what we mean.  While gloves are not outlawed at Alternative Athletics, and I hope they match your purse if you have them, we encourage the use of chalk.  Though dusty, (which is why it is banned at most gyms) chalk and your bare hands provide a more realistic feel for moving objects in your environment.  More so than gloves or any other lifting implement.  The chalk helps to dry your hands, to help eliminate blisters, but allows the natural callous to form.  The callous is an adaptation by our bodies to protect your hands and prepare them for moving heavy objects and functional labor.

If you try to reach a new maximum effort, and it proves to be over your limit, drop the weight.  All weights at Alternative Athletics are rubber so they can be dropped from any lifting height with your safety and the safety of the equipment in mind.  Also no one is allowed to begin weight training until they have adequately demonstrated both the ability to perform the technique correctly, and also the ability to bail in case of over commitment.

With all this heavy lifting going on certain individuals feel a need to get loud in order to get your adrenaline up.  At Alternative Athletics we would rather have the guy complaining of the noise to be brought to our attention, rather than the ones making the noise.  He will be the one asked to leave.

No dress code.  If you want to perform dead lifts in bare feet, the way nature intended, have at it.  Just wipe down your station when you are done.  For classes and open gym hours the minimum standards are guys will at least have shorts on and women will have at least a sports bra and shorts.  At a minimum both sexes are required to have easy slip on and off shoes for walking around the gym.  Working out in bare feet is limited to individual stations and requires a post workout wipe down.

Alternative Athletics is different.  If you think you would enjoy these differences, swing buy.  The first lesson is free and we see if we are right for you before pricing options are ever discussed.


Try us out for Free: The first lesson is always free.  Before any discussion of money takes place we want you to experience the difference that is Alternative Athletics.  Stop by and take advantage of this opportunity. We are located in Billings at 808 4th Ave North (Big blue door on your right, almost to the Metra)

All memberships are $95 per month with a 3 month contract.  Ask about discounts for Military, Law Enforcement, and both Hospitals.

Initiation Fee: There is a $100 dollar initiation fee.  Unlike other gyms where an initiation fee only gets you in the door, our fee covers four individualized training sessions.  These sessions are used to teach you the basic lifting movements that make up the daily and individual programming at Alternative Athletics.  You will be given personalized instruction on the:

  • Dead lift
  • Sumo Dead lift High Pull
  • Clean
  • Air Squat
  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • Shoulder Press
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk
  • Kipping Pull up
  • Kettle Bell Swing, Clean, and Snatch

If you already have your Crossfit Level One certificate or can demonstrate these movements competently, we will waive these lessons and the initiation fee.

In order to show us a commitment in yourself and for us to have a commitment to you, all memberships to Alternative Athletics are sold for a minimum three month time frame.  Longer  commitments will receive a greater discount.

The gym is open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays, you can come in and do the WOD anytime.   Our Saturday workout is at 10:00 am, and is usually a team or buddy workout.  Private sessions are by appointment.

We have featured Olympic lifting classes with lifting coach Phil Sanderson – call or stop in for the current lifting schedule.

We offer featured Kettlebell classes with KB instructor Robyn on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00, and Saturday mornings at 8:00.

Call today! 406.252.0056