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  • testimonials-anitaAnita: She lost 1 1/4 inches around her hips, 1 inch at the waist, 1/2 inch on her quads and arms.  Friends at her other gym were asking her what she was doing, and complimenting her on the obvious changes.  She is now able to do kipping pull ups (3 in a row), box jumps, toes to bars, and almost has her ring dips down.  She has also set new PRs in all her lifts and several Hero and named workouts.  She is also the reigning “Queen of Burpees” winning our burpee challenge two years in a row.  Most recently completing a 120 days of the challenge, with a combined total of 7, 260 burpees in those 120 days. Click Here to watch Anita’s video testimonial
  • testimonials-oscarOscar: He has lost 35 lbs (dropping 2 pants size) and was able to safely get off all medications for IBS and severe acid reflux.  He has set big PRs in all of his lifts, can now do 20 pull ups, and RXs most workouts. And he has been able to increase mobility and flexibility through his hips and back.
  • testimonials-caseyCasey: She has lost 15 lbs (and 2 pants sizes). She has been able to get off all her medications for depression and sleep, and overall has much better control of her anxiety and more day-to-day energy.  She has set new PRs in all of her lifts and named workouts.
  • testimonials-joanJoan: Joan has been able to maintain her size 6 over a couple of years now.  She has gotten off her antidepressant and never looked back.  She has continued to set new PRs, has completed several 5k runs in under 30 minutes and came in 3rd in the 2011 burpee challenge. Click Here to watch Joan’s video testimonial
  • testimonials-joJo: She actaully started crossfit in 2009 while 5 months pregnant with her 1st child {While pregnant, Jo did the “CrossFit Moms” workouts, a scaled back, less intense version of the WOD’s}  The day after she delivered Cecilia she weighed less then before she got pregnant, and continued to quickly loose another 20+ lbs.  She continues to knock out new PRs and overall feels so much better and more energetic then before she found crossfit.